An Early Childhood Teacher

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Nowadays science, maths and technology plays a significant role in children’s education mainly children from 2 to 5 years. “Where there is a child and where there is a curiosity there is a science (Howiit&Blake, 2010, p.3 as cited in The place of science in early years, 2012). Most of the people believe that science does not play any centre role in life of children as it is just carried in laboratories. In day to day life young children engage in science practices but they don’t find this science. They called it ‘curiosity’. Scientists do many experiments by using different technologies and mathematical concepts. An early childhood teacher requires a basic understanding of key scientific concepts in order to enhance children’s learning (Brunton& Thornton,2010). Young children also have range of understanding of maths and scientific concepts, developed as a consequence of everyday interaction with the world. As young children learn by doing things, not just sitting and listening. It helps children to develop their physical, social skills and creativity. In the early childhood years educators should differentiate between ‘right’ answer and ‘correct’ answer (Harlen, 2001 as cited in The place of science in early years, 2012). It is important to allow young children to make observation and become confident of their ability to describe what they think is happening and why it might be happening. Young children’s understanding towards science, mathematics and

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