Early Education For Children : Early Childhood Educator

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Early education for children is very crucial as it helps shape up the foundation of their knowledge and behavior development process. Children begin to develop the sense of curiosity from the age of two. And from age 2-8, children go through a very crucial period of mental development, which shapes up their future mindset (Grayson, 2016). Early children education (ECE) has been listed as the number one priority of the National Association of Education. The teachers or educators at nursery and primary level are responsible to for developing young children’s sense of knowledge and education. In this paper, we will assess the roles and skills that are vital for an early childhood educator. Moreover, the paper will also present a …show more content…

When comes to teaching children, patience is more important than knowledge. The teacher has to handle every student with care and humor, and be patient when describing certain things to them. Children develop and learn smoothly through humor and positive vibe. During their learning and developing period, children will face a lot of obstacles. It is the teacher’s job to see that each student can overcome those challenges smoothly. It is very important for an educator to keep a positive attitude in front of the children. Children understand and learn more when they feel comfortable and friendly. It is the teacher 's utmost responsibility to see that every child under his care feels at ease when developing knowledge. An ECE must understand that there is a significant amount of difference in every child (Mellinger, 2017). They think differently and they develop differently. He must have to patience to face the challenge every day without losing his cool and staying calm. He also has to be an effective problem solver. He needs to assist his students in not only academic problems but also in any sort of challenges. Communicating with young children is totally different than communicating with other students in general. A teacher must be able to communicate with the children at their own level. His way of delivering a knowledge or a lesson should be simple so that it is easy for the children to

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