An Effective Health Care Organization

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There are different avenues an effective health care organization can improve their HRM department within that specific health care organization. One of the main roles of a HR management is the hiring and selection process of a new employees. These trends for the community in the health care organization needs to be examine. There has to be a way for a strategic planning for the HR department to become a partner in their perspective organization. This means there should be ways to develop relationships between the executives, other department and the HR department. This can then be carry into the different employment rules that are needed to be follow for a fair and unbiased hiring and selection process. There are trends that…show more content…
There should be a more efficient methods to make the resources for the hiring process for employment. Some organization has outsourced jobs due to the restrain of the economic for the past few years in the United States (McCann, 2013). This will show the improvement for the hiring process of personals over the next few years for various positions. This trend has improved in the last two years due to funds provided by the stimulus package for changes in health care services. For example, the development of work place mobility has enhance the hiring process in the health care sector. This is because the demographic of The United States has been changing over the pass few years. This has led to a better improvement of increasing fairness in the work place over the years. There has to be a way these health care organization has to deal with changing demographic of the country and strategic training on hiring process is one of the efficient way. These trends that are affecting the way people are going to be hired in the future due to these gaps. One way is that the HR department should become a strategic partner in dealing with issues in a health care organization. There has to be a good avenue in which the HR department can creates a partnership with each department in an organization for hiring process. Some of the ways HR department cab be a
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