An Essay On Alien Hysteria

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I hope that Aliens visit us, because of the mass hysteria that would ensue. It may sound weird, but the state of the world is concerning and we need an eye-opener. I remember speaking to my Aunt about space and I could see that she didn’t comprehend it. She was caught up in the world we live in presently, that the idea of other worlds existing was unfathomable. I showed her pictures that were sent from the Mars rover, and she couldn’t believe it. We’re bound to the present, and fixated on what we can see. The truth is the world is in trouble, and I believe Alien hysteria would only unite us. I’m not promoting unity under violence, but unity under revelation and discovery. If the Alien do decide to come, I hope they’re embraced but history has shown the violence is embedded into our human nature. …show more content…

We’re collectively on this planet, and the course it’s headed on isn’t sustainable . Looking up, many people still think the sky is the limit and what exists after it would be the heavens. Others want concrete proof and aren’t satisfied information. We all have distinctive means of interpretation, but the universal one we can’t neglect is our sense of sight. The quote ‘’seeing is believing’’ holds strong because while we’re all different we’re constructed the same.
I also hope the Aliens serve as a means of inspiration, and not lock ourselves into the ‘’can’t’’ and more strive for the ‘’will’’. I remember sitting with my roommate discussing politics, and how we can truly accomplish anything we want. Money holds no value, but instead the value we enlisted onto it. The resources we encounter everyday mean nothing, aside of the value we see in them. While some are integral for survival, others mean nothing. We can do whatever, we want and achieve whatever because we’re not limited to the planet or system that harbors

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