An Essay On Olaf's Massive Snow Monster

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OLAF Everyone loves Olaf from Frozen! He is always an amazing snowman and cares about others. In the movie, he shows great acts of kindness. If I had one word to describe him, I would call him helpful. In the movie he does many acts to help people and do what is right. That is why I would call him helpful. One act of kindness he does is helping Ana find Elsa. Olaf knows where Elsa’s castle is and guides Ana to it. He helped guide at that time, strangers, to a castle just because it was the right thing to do. Now if that isn’t helpful I don’t know what is! This is just one kind thing he has done. In my opinion, the bravest and most helpful thing he did was distracting the massive snow monster. The monster was way bigger than Olaf

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