Character Analysis Of The Snow In Trapped, By Michael Northrop

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“It was one of those bull’s-eyes in history, one of those points where everything comes together, where, if you were at that place at that time, you were part of something big. It meant that we weren’t going to get picked up, not on that day and maybe not ever” (Northrop 1). The mood created by Northrop in Trapped is displayed to the readers as negative vibe. Being trapped at a school in a blizzard is obviously not a good thing. So, as a visual representation to the teenagers situation, the snow is described negatively too. In the book Trapped, Michael Northrop uses the snow to symbolize dreadful times and loneliness. Throughout the text, Michael mentions the snow. Considering the book’s about a blizzard, that’d be normal, right? However, in my view, the snow symbolizes something, like dreadful times. Scattered around, the context surrounding the snow can be interpreted as how you feel during those times. For example, later in the book, when the students realize just how bad it is, they explain it as, “There was no higher ground, no place left for us to go”(Northrop 158). Here, a relation to people feeling as if there’s nowhere else to go, so they’re trapped in the horrible event occurring can be made. Results tend to be mourning over those poor times in people’s lives. Similarly, Michael connects that to how we view bad situations. Early on in the book, description of the snow is showed as it being “small flakes”, “like grains of sugar… the flakes had fattened up and
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