An Ethical Issue Of Divorce : Should Parents Remain Together?

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Tiffany Clark
Professor Macdonald
Psychology 203
09 February 2017
An Ethical Issue of Divorce: Should Parents Remain Together? Immediately upon comparing divorced families and intact families, each family has their own positions in which they come from; the children in each of these families take disturbances differently than the other. Many factors define the current and future mental state of the children that go through parents’ divorce in their lifetime, including hostility and hospitality in an absurd setting. Cases brought to light by a couple in unfavorable situations will handle each opportunity presented a different way, their children handling these situations in the same way. For better or for worse, one negative undertone …show more content…

Since aggression in families tends to be one of the primary aspects regulating couples’ decision to divorce, it is best that one looks into the overall aspect of performance in children. Many components in a child’s everyday life could be defined as performance, these being as follows: work ethic, academic progression, behavior, and communication among peers and individuals. As far as academic progression is concerned, it has been said that children with emotional disturbances tend to do poorly in school. In conflict to this statement, most children who come from divorced families have no serious psychological disturbances that may hover around in their ongoing lives (Johnston, Roseby, and Kuehnle 6). The conditions in children with difficulty in aspects of conduct and performance are not permanent; every child in both divorced and intact families having different feedback (Clarke-Stewart and Brentano 107). Having established that work ethic is important in daily lives, children who have parents of divorce are at higher risk to become unemployed; this not being the case for some of those who hold steady jobs. Ensuing this factor, poor communication and education seem to fit hand in hand with details provided. Communication is the key to daily life, concepts of critical thinking and progressing thought-processing used to make one a strong-minded individual. After a child has been divorced, they typically hold less than a college degree; one bringing along communication

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