An Ethical Perspective And Obligation

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From an ethical perspective and obligation however, the autonomy and dignity of all individuals should also be taken into account and therefore respected (Van Camp, 2014). This should raise questions about what can potentially be implemented that would accommodate the regulations and requirements yet, respect the personal differences that accompany religious beliefs. For instance, in an effort to respect human autonomy and dignity, Illinois is trying to strike that balance. Although Illinois remains diligent in conveying that full facial coverage is not acceptable, the state is trying to find common ground for individuals who practice a religion that believes in certain attire being worn (Illinois Review, 2015). Explained by the Illinois …show more content…

As previously mentioned a driver license is one of the most important forms of identification. It is of the opinion that without a photograph there is not identification, there is no way to know who the individual really is. Andrei Zakhareuski explains, “A current driver’s license is a universally accepted form of personal identification because it displays your contact information and a picture that officials can compare to the person who is presenting it as identification.” (Zakhareuski, 2017, para. 2). It is of the belief that this is exactly the point that makes having photographs on driver licenses or any other form of identification extremely important in the wake of 9/11; safety. It is of the viewpoint that photographs on all forms of identification should be present and required regardless of religious beliefs. This statement may indeed seem harsh yet, without a photo it seems very possible there is no true identity.
Furthermore, it is viewed that technically individuals have the right to drive, but the ability for an individual to obtain a driver license can be considered a privilege. Privilege is essentially something that is provided and can be rejected or retracted at any point (Merriam, 2016). It is of the opinion that if individuals do not wish to obey by the rules and regulations set forth for the safety and protection of all individuals, than the privilege to obtain a driver license can be taken away. In other words, if individuals want

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