An Evaluation Of An Initial Evaluation

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Paying a visit to psychologists for an initial evaluation can be somehow disturbing, especially the moment before the results. Generally, adults of alcoholic display are distinguishing profile of symptoms. Some of these symptoms may include low self-esteem, shame and guilt, need for approval from others, tendency to assume lots of responsibility from others at some point and vice versa, difficulties in establishing intimate relationships, being too loyal to others, problems relating to impulse control as well as a feeling of powerlessness. Psychologists suggest that these symptoms are typical especially for a person with a family identified with alcoholic disorders. Adult children of an alcoholic family tend to possess the above symptoms.…show more content…
Investigation of the ACOAs syndrome has had weak support from scientific researchers. Generally, children from alcoholic families display a personality different from those of nonalcoholic families. Children from alcoholic families are high-strung, outgoing and risk takers. These differences, however, do not map up onto ACOA standards profile and also don’t differentiate between non-ACOAs and ACOAs. To add unto that, there lacks genuine evidence to prove that ACOAs display higher levels of “codependent” personality traits. Nevertheless, there is a high likelihood for ACOAs to label themselves as codependent, than non-ACOAs (Jones, Perera-Diltz, Salyers, Laux, & Cochrane, June 06, 2007).
Drawing their arguments on popular psychology literature, Logue, sher, & Frensch (1992), argued that ACOAs were just as likely to endorse a checking list of very unclear and generalized statements such as the one being bothered by change and variety as well as a strong need to be admired by others. However, both the non-ACOAs and ACOAs affirmed that the two checklists identified them. These uninformative and ill-fated personality descriptions have been referred to as “P. T Barnum”. Some of these Barnum statements are referred to as “double headed”, applying to everyone’s characteristic. Barnum characteristics also refer to
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