An Examination of Modernism with Reference to Several Works of Art

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The terms 'modern', 'modernity' and 'modernism' are commonly used to specify a break in history, marking a definition between the present and the past, between the fashionable and the out of date, and carry as part of their meaning an almost criticism of tradition. By calling himself a 'modernist', the artist is instantly free to work on a clean plate, without the limitations of tradition with its set of rules or its fixed criteria. It is commonly thought that the Modernist movement was only properly established during the late nineteenth Century, being triggered by ground breaking developments in the areas of science, technology and the economic market. Art was suddenly discovered to be an increasingly useful tool in science,…show more content…
Perhaps this idea is more easily understood when in relation to our social plane today, with it?s emphasis on instant joy and fun morality, which in turn create a confusion between self-realization and basic self-gratification. In today?s pop cult we are imprisoned by a grave contradiction in society. On the one hand, advertising and marketing have immersed us into a life of compulsive consumption, and we are led to believe that happiness can easily be paid for at a beauty centre or purchased in a bottle of aromatic bath salts?on the other, we are also expected to work day in and day out, in order to keep up the organised business corporations that make these products, and are wanted to accept delayed self-gratification. This contradiction between expected lifestyles have caused us to become ?straight? during the day, and ?party-animals? during the night, placing a strong contrasting emphasis on time, between the fear of boredom, and the pressure of deadlines. This idea of time, closely related with the view of art as both pay and display, are among the prime factors that constitute the artistic style called ?Kitsch?, which in turn is one of the most typical products of modernism, because it is in this type of art that this conflict of modernity is openly confronted. Whilst representing the triumph of the principle of immediacy (instant access, immediate effect,

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