An Increase Of Teenage Female Offender 's Joining The Juvenile Justice System

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Over the past decade there has been an increase of teenage female offender’s joining the juvenile justice system. The number continues to the rise throughout both violent and non-violent offenses. This is a huge change from the population only a decade ago, the change in gender roles through society is partly the reason for this change however, there are several other reasons that contribute the growing population. In female juvenile offenders there tends to be high occurrence of emotional and mental illness that relate to aggressive and antisocial behavior. There is also a theme of poverty, single parent’s or abuse in early childhood of offenders. The combination of these issue contribute to problem behavior syndrome, making these girls more susceptible to a risky lifestyle. Additionally the risk of criminal involvement increase the earlier a girl start’s to display antisocial or deviant behavior. In the life course theory there transitions that occur in a person’s life as a part of growing up and developing like many other social theories on crime, it is the family relationship’s that guide these transitions to take place accordingly. If these transitions are not properly guided or become disrupted it can lead to criminal behavior in the child. Likewise, children in poverty or who have altered family dynamics are more likely to experience these disruption’s to their transitions. The time of transitions is very important to development the previous transition provide a

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