Risk Of Female Offenders Essay

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There are several risk factors that have been identified and associated with higher incidences of female offending. In 2004 greater attention was put in to place focusing on female offending. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention gathered professionals to explore and further examine the: causes, connections, and outcomes in juvenile female criminal actions to better comprehend and solve this faction of offenders. As we know boys and girls are exposed to several different risk factors. Risk factors of boys and girls relate in some ways and there are a number of dissimilarities as well. Professionals gathered evidence that show female offenders have suffered trauma, trauma pointing to sexual abuse and rape. Which leads …show more content…

Starting at an adolescent age in females life events greatly impact future behaviors. The "purpose of relationships" i.e. family, friends, and intimate relationships play big roles in shaping ones character. In being either a victim and or witness to situations that include domestic violence relate to future criminal activity. Emotional disorders also arise if physical or sexual abuse occurs. Female offenders may go on having abusive relationships and committing crimes based on their adolescence (McAleavy, T. 2009). Myths and misconception of juvenile female offenders would be risk factors. Risk factors may affect both females and males. Females are impacted at a much higher level. Between females and males, females commit crimes more so in the lower level of crimes but criminal behavior has increased over the years. Mental illness in juvenile female offenders are elevated compared to juvenile male offenders. In conclusion female offending has and does play a role in our society. Statically over the past years, numbers seem to show decreases in certain areas of law-breaking. But in today's age there has been an increased growth in criminal activities overall for males and females. Gaining the proper knowledge about this specific subject will allow experts to find solutions in reducing criminal

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