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An Inspector calls - The Role Of the Inspector. The character of Inspector Goole is the catalyst for the evening's events and is quite a mystery and fascination to many people. He is described and comes across as able to create 'an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness…' He speaks carefully, weightily and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses. I will be carefully looking at how he manages to be so powerful and authoritative, mainly concentrating on the specific language and use of rhetorical speaking that he uses throughout the play. I will also mention the mystery of whether the inspector was an impostor and look at the broad possibilities, of which he may be, One of the …show more content…

You'll see' (pg 26) This clearly shows that despite the Birlings being aware that the Inspector already knows everything there is to know, they still pour out the information precisely because of the effect he has on them. He not only asks them to tell him what they did but also guilt trips them by asking them whether or not that is how they would want to be treated. By doing this, the Inspector is attempting to broaden the family's perspective on their own actions, giving them a chance to realise their own faults. The showing of Eva Smiths photograph is a useful technique of the inspector, which he uses to trigger the character's memories of their involvement with Eva and make them relive their experiences. However his methods of showing a photo are rather suspected. He only lets one person see the photo at a time and every time replaces it in his pocket. How do we know it is just one photo, when it could be several photos of different people the family has been involved in and then could be no connection whatsoever? J.B Priestly has used the photos as a clever tool to heighten the mystery and to keep the audience wondering and so in turn making the play much more dramatic. The Inspector also manages to induce dramatic irony during the last sub plot within in which he prompts Mrs Birling to condemn the father of Eva's child, which ironically is Eric. Using his method of talking calmly but disturbingly, making the questioned person feel

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