An International Study On Student Assessment Essay

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Knowledge is constantly changing. As society continues to progress into a new technological age, new information and theories are presented. Education is the key to a nation’s economic success due to the social benefits it produces. It allows citizens to be aware of information and situations in order to help their development of skills and specialization in the workforce. The fluidity of education is necessary to keep up with the technological advancements in today’s society. While many industrialized countries such as China are increasing in the international ranks of education, the United States, although lower ranked than before, has been stagnant in their performance. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an international study on student assessment revealed the low ranking of United States compared to the rest of the world. The study surveyed 15-year old’s academic performance and the U.S. came at 25th in math, 14th in reading, and 17th in science (Kornbluh). The United States is a growing nation and in order to compete at the international level, it must reform the public education system. The country has been in panic in discovering and attempting to apply these solutions to our public education system. There has been demand for more accountability, more funding, more standardization or less government intervention depending on the stakeholder involved.
One of the main stakeholder is the National Education Association, an organization that
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