An Open Campus Lunch Program

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An open campus lunch program is when, during the lunch period, students are permitted to leave campus and get lunch from local businesses or even home. At Urbana High School we currently have four lunch shifts, during which students pack or buy lunches. I believe Frederick County Public Schools should start an open campus lunch program for seniors because the school lunches are not healthy enough or appealing and do not have enough lunch options. The benefits that could come from this program go beyond the happiness of the seniors, they will reach the classrooms, staff members, and community.
The lunches served in Frederick County Schools, and Urbana High School in particular lack nutritional value and are unappetizing. When interviewing Casey Ballow (a student who buys lunch everyday) about whether the school lunches are nutrional she said “The majority of students walk out [of the lunch line] without the most nutritional part of their lunch”. FCPS has made snacks whole grain, which usually makes them less tasty. Packing a lunch is a hassle because it is both time consuming and expensive, not to mention you cannot bring any warm foods. When asked why Casey chooses to buy a lunch, despite getting “soggy chicken patties and burnt french fries” she said “Buying a lunch saves me time in morning”. There is not a wide enough selection of lunch foods for students.
Nearly 100,000 schools in America participate in the National School Lunch Program. Lunches created as part of this…
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