An Overview Of Lord Keeper Bacon At The Opening Of Parliament, 12 August 1563

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Primary Source Analysis “An Overview By Lord Keeper Bacon at the Opening of Parliament, 12 January 1563” In 1563 Lord Keeper Bacon, a member of parliament, wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth I, which was presented to parliament on January 12, 1563, requesting the issues with the church teaching be resolved. The letter argued that in order for Lord Keeper Bacon, as well as his lord bishops, to truly understand the religion, Queen Elizabeth I must reform the issues regarding the teachings of doctrine and discipline. This document is a speech on the matter of religious settlements in the early Elizabethan era. It calls for clarifications of the teachings of doctrine and discipline, which were necessary to sustain religion. Regarding the teachings of doctrine, the issues presented in this speech pertain to ministers who were either accustomed to teaching with the beliefs of Catholicism or who do not teach the true word of God. In addition, the issues regarding discipline are that the ministers and members of the church may have become corrupt with no true disciplinary consequences set forth as punishment. This document is written in a time where the religion had been changed numerous times, leaving the people, including the author, Lord Keeper Bacon, confused. Although somewhat unsure as to what the exact guidelines for the religious settlement would be, Lord Keeper Bacon was not kept in the dark. Originally known as Nicholas Bacon, who would be appointed Lord Keeper by

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