An Unethical Behavior Among Its Nursing Staff

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Background Statement: Pleasant Valley Memorial hospital is experiencing unethical behavior among its nursing staff. Nursing Manager Susan manages the intensive care unit (NICU). Repeatedly, Susan encounters the NICU nurses allowing their personal beliefs to influence behavioral work norms and patient care. Dedicated nurses such as Nurse Pamela refuse to care for certain patients with lifestyles she opposes. Other nurses have mistreated a 16-year-old father of a baby under their care by ignoring his requests and overlooking his need to obtain information about his child. His physical appearance is youthful in that he wears hip-hop style clothing, body tattoos and dreadlocks. Hispanic nurses are only assigned to Hispanic patients because the four charge nurses deemed it good practice since there was normally a language barrier. The unit nursing population is made up of 75% black, Caribbean Island nurses who were educated under the British education system. These nurses tend to be very religious. They bring their bibles to work, read and discuss biblical views with patients and other co-workers, and request Sundays off to attend church. Nurse Karen is an example of the deeply religious black, Caribbean Island nurse. Karen refuses to take care of patients with a history of abortion, which is against her beliefs. Karen also shares her religious beliefs with patients and requests Sundays off. Nursing Manager Susan addresses issues as they surface. She informs Nurse Pamela

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