An Unsolved Crime: The Salem Witch Trial

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Have you ever been wrongly accused of something and get in trouble for it? Have you ever wrongly accused somebody because you were mad at them? This is what occurred in Salem Village, Massachusetts during 1692. These erroneous accusations, according to Document A, led to the hanging of 19 people, and the crushing of another. But what caused the accusations? According to An Unsolved Crime: The Salem Witch Trials, the hardships the villagers endured, teenage boredom, and the Puritans strict religion were the causes of the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria. .
The egregious hardships the villagers endured were one of the causes of the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria. According to Evidence Set A, the harsh climate prevented successful farming. This meant
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According to Document B, 23 of the 29 accusers were under the age of 21. Due to Puritan beliefs, teenage girls had to stay home and complete chores. According to Evidence Set C, two of the girls, Abigail Williams and Betty Parris, were fed up with it. They started talking to a slave by the name, “Tituba”. Tituba told the girls magical stories and played fortune-telling games with them. The girls began to feel guilty that they went against their religion, so they began accusing Tituba of being a witch. This made the girls feel less guilty, as what they were accusing Tituba of doing was much worse than what they were doing. Other girls from around the village began to join them in accusing outcasts. According to Document D, the girls enjoyed acting bewitched. Their acting certainly tricked the adults. According to Document C, the girls would act bewitched every time the person accused would make a movement such as shake their head, or move their eyes.
The final cause of the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria is the Puritans strict religion. According to Evidence Set B, the Puritans believed that there was a Devil, and that this devil would enter the body of the social outcasts, therefore turning them into a witch. This lead to the Puritans not trusting the outcasts, which made the outcasts an easy target for the
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