An Unwarranted Call

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Carlos Valdez
Professor Toland
7 April 2015
An Unwarranted Call Do you ever get that feeling you’re being watched? It is interesting how much power the government actually has over privacy. When a registered sex offender, lets say a “peeping tom” moves into a neighborhood, laws require that they notify people living in that neighborhood. If they peaked through a window, they were required to tell others, but when the government peaks into our most personal information and locations 24/7, they can get away with it. The government should not be able to look at all the data and on your phone without a warrant. Law enforcement agencies have been targeting cell phone users without their knowledge, and most service providers will very easily hand over customers information such as call logs, text messages, GPS locations, and web history without a court order to do so violating the fourth amendment. The NSA is currently taking all the information they can get from cellphones even if you’ve done nothing wrong (Cato). This is an invasion of privacy because information should only be collected if you have committed a crime (Cato). The NSA collects all data for use in future crime scene investigations (Cato). If you are convicted of a crime, the NSA can later go back through all the calls you’ve made and text messages you have sent to convict you of any other crimes committed (Cato). One may argue that this is a good thing, bringing justice because it will show all…

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