Why Do We Have The Right To Privacy

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Privacy is what allows people to feel secure in their surroundings. With privacy, one is allowed to withhold or distribute the information they want by choice, but the ability to have that choice is being violated in today’s society. Benjamin Franklin once said, “He who sacrifices freedom or liberty will eventually have neither.” And that’s the unfortunate truth that is and has occurred in recent years. Privacy, especially in such a fast paced moving world, is extremely vital yet is extremely violated, as recently discovered the NSA has been spying on U.S. citizens for quite a while now; based on the Fourth Amendment, the risk of leaked and distorted individual information, as well as vulnerability to lack of anonymity. The Fourth …show more content…

Even has something they just do not want people to know, that doesn’t mean that they have “something to hide” it just means they don’t feel as if they have to show anything to anyone. It’s not even matter of having anything to hide, it’s just about things not being anyone else’s business except for the individuals if they choose so to keep any activity they do, private. By being able to spy on “U.S.” citizens, protective agencies claim that such measures will be able to track terrorists in a heartbeat and foil their plans immediately based on the justification of the 9/11 attacks. However, it is known that the NSA has been around since 2005[4] and has not foiled any terrorist attack for the 8 years of its existence. [5] Matter of fact, the odds of a terrorist attack occurring, according to the Daily Kos, is 20,000,000 to 1[6]. That’s twenty million to one. With such a low risk of a terrorist attack occurring, why exactly does the NSA take such precaution in order to prevent it? But wait, wasn’t the bombing at the Boston marathon a supposed terrorist attack? How did the NSA not prevent that? Were they too busy trying to annihilate our Fourth Amendment rights, as

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