An Unxamined Life Is Not Worth Living

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Philosophy is about questioning everything in life in the world we live in. Without the questioning and wondering in life then philosophy would be worthless. The great philosopher Socrates acknowledge this and therefore he would wonder everything in life making him a wise man not because he knew everything but because what ever wisdom he has comes from his knowledge that he knows nothing. After Socrates being sentenced to death penalty for corrupting the young, by not believing in the gods in which the city believed in. During the trial Socrates claimed “ an unexamined life is not worth living”. Making it one of the biggest influence for everybody in today's world. Many philosophers have given a lot of that on what he may had tried to say in which ended made the inference that for Socrates living meant to be able to question everything around him. With that being said an examined life would be to be precautious with all your decisions and to question everything in our surroundings to have knowledge and that kind of life would be worth living. In today's life we live in world full of decisions in which it helps it shape our whole world. One bad decision and your whole life could change. Therefore, questioning all our decision sounds like the most equitable thing to do since we would be making conscious ethical decisions. Which is why an unexamined life would not be worth living since you would be living a life in which you never really end up learning from all your mistakes.

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