“An international market in human organs is not only inevitable but also desirable.” Discuss.

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“An international market in human organs is not only inevitable but also desirable.” Discuss.
Over the last few decades the advances made in the fields of surgical technology have led to an increase in the number of people comfortable with having an organ transplant. Every year, thousands of people, from around the world, are being added to the waiting list to receive organs. Even though the number of people willingly to donate their organs has increased due to the constant campaigns made by government and NGO’s but it is not enough to meet the rising demand for human organs. This has created an urge to find an alternative that would make up for this downfall. John Harris and Charles proposed a “strictly regulated and highly ethical …show more content…

[13] Should we, as humans, really turn our backs against this? Especially since these people cannot even ask for help as they have been involved in the black market. Of course, a dangerous black market is really undesirable but then again, is it enough to settle the question of whether it paid organ donation should be allowed.

However, the case against an organs market tends to centre precisely on the question of who the vendors are likely to be. Many professors argue that now is not the right time as offering financial incentives would force the poor into selling their organs. Turning one’s poverty into an opportunity for someone is a violation of most basic standards of human ethics. [2] David argues that many times in history poor Indian peasants have had to sell their kidneys for transplants in rich First World Countries. [15] Many argue that the legal blood market in America is a perfect example of global inequality and exploitation of the poor. [7] No doubt that Poverty is the most significant factor in making a person vulnerable to coercion. Dr Francis L Delmonico, speaking on behalf of the National Kidney Foundation, said: ‘In that reality, the poor person will remain poor but lose health and maybe more than one organ in the process of a government authorized abuse of the poor for the rich.’ Caren added on, saying that in the long run, selling organs has not

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