Analyse The Effects Of Poverty On The Community

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The consequences of poverty on the members of society include that it handicaps many and leads to troubles and challenges that are passed from one generation to the other. Some of the challenges that the members of community experience include that it limits access to education, and many children are pushed to work so that they can contribute towards family income. Other effects of poverty on the members of society includes that it compromises the hygiene levels that people need to observe, and it also increases the risks of contracting different diseases, especially those related to lack of hygiene. Poverty also affects the children that have access to education, noting that it reduces their motivation to perform and continue with education …show more content…

Children are abused or witness violence and abuse from their parents and other adults in their community, particularly when gender violence is common due to the pressures of poverty. The effects of violence and ill-treatment on the family include divorce, where one of the parents or marriage partners is unable to continue facing the abuse they face. The high levels of divorce reported among the poor result from the adverse experiences of social exclusion, and discrimination in the wider community, noting that they transfer the same experiences to other family members (Burgard, Ailshire & Kalousova, 2013). Unfortunately, the same violence is communicated to children, due to the unfavorable family life experiences that all the members of the family experience. At the community level, the children and the adults living in poverty face social exclusion and discrimination in society, and therefore develop the aggressiveness and the lack of self-control that also drive them towards criminal behaviors. In particular, many of the children living in poverty are taken advantage of or are abused, and therefore, develop the knowledge that adverse situations and experiences can only be addressed and confronted through responses such as violence. In essence, the children do not develop the knowledge of constructive ways of dealing with problems, and therefore will end up engaging in some form of …show more content…

The welfare reform Act was passed in 1996 to shape the ways federal financial assistance was offered, including setting time limits for the disbursement of assistance to welfare recipients, among other changes. Similarly, the Social security act that was passed in 1935 was adopted to support the welfare programs set in place to help the poor and the elderly and their families (Baker & Welner, 2012).
State Laws on Human services State level laws on human services include those of Arkansas, and they are similar for other states. Examples of the laws include the 2011 Ark Act 792, which gives directives on the definition of abuse, with the aim of providing information on the punishments that can be used for children, without amounting to abuse. The 2011 Ark Acts 985 provides directives for public schools, by requiring them to update their institutional policies on child abuse, whenever new laws are introduced about the area (Sommers & Oellerich, 2013).
Local Laws on Human

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