Analyse Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses in Counselling Skills D1

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D1) Analyse own strengths and weaknesses in using counselling skills.
Use your work from P3 and analyse (consider in detail) it e.g. what are your strengths in counselling skills, why you think they are your strengths and where do you use them. What are your weaknesses, why do you think they are your weaknesses and what can you do to turn them into strengths.

For Egan's first stage I think the strengths that I have in counselling would be that I explained to the client about the contract and confidentiality that is included into the contract that is kept between the counsellor and the client and so with this I was able to use this to be able to show the client that this is a professional relationship and so this is explains the
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I think this is a strength because they need eye contact to know who they are talking to especially if its couple or group counselling that is taking place. I would use this when being with my clients because they would need to be able to know that I am being assertive to them when they are expressing what they have bottled up for a long time and so this allows them to know that they can trust me.

During the session a strength that was pointed out what that I was able to reflect throughout the session and this is a strength because it showed that I am being assertive and being able to reflect back to the client everything they said and also expressing the same emotion that they told me back to them to show them what they are doing and so this shows them what emotion they are putting in with their words so that they know how they are feeling about a certain topic. I think this is a strength because they are able to show that I am not only listening but also taking in the
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