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Analysing Blessing and An Old Woman Poetry from other Cultures Question 2 Culture means the beliefs, traditions, and customs of people within a society. Fundamental aspects of a culture are faith, values, and history. People that share a culture also share its beliefs and ways of life, which are different to others. Poetry is an effective way of describing and exploring a culture, and events within it, because certain aspects can be expressed with vivid descriptions, and imagery that would be unsuitable in other types of text. Some cultures have also used poetry as a form of storytelling, describing events that happened to their ancestors, or even themselves. Poems can be concise and leave some details to the imagination…show more content…
Water is described as being sacred and is referred to as a 'sudden rush of fortune' when the pipe bursts, showering the residents with it's contents. The poem is also related to religion, with references to 'a kindly god' and the 'blessing' that it brings, and it is also based on poverty, community, and celebration. The poem opens with a strong statement in the first line. 'The skin cracks like a pod'. This uses a simile to describes the hard, dirty, dusty ground cracking open from lack of water, by comparing it to the very different image of a ripe, luscious green pea pod splitting open to reveal its moist, juicy contents. Onomatopoeia is used in 'crack' to emphasise the meaning and make the descriptions seem real. The second line, 'There is never enough water' tells the reader that it is obviously in a place of poverty, or where the weather is always very hot. The second stanza has a very different tone to the direct, strong opening. It is soft, and gentle and describes 'the small splash' of water which is so rare to the town and community within it. The metaphor in lines 4-6 describes the water's 'echo in a tin mug' as sounding like 'the voice of a kindly god', this helps the reader to visualise small drops of water splashing into a mug, producing a sound

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