Analysis And Synthesis Of The Students At An Elementary School

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1. Analyses And Synthesis The student I chose to base my case study on is a 3rd grade student at an elementary school. For the purpose of this case study, we will call the student Darnell. Darnell is an 8-year-old African American male diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Darnell is the youngest child; he has another sibling, an older sister who is in the 4th grade. She has not posed any form of learning or intellectual disability. Darnell’s father is a 32-year-old engineer and is divorced from Darnell’s mother who shares joint custody of both children. As we all know parents play a large role throughout their child’s various stages of life and development. To better understand Darnell an interview was conducted with Darnell’s father. …show more content…

During the examination Darnell’s father was able to explain to the doctor the concerns he had regarding his son. He explained that Darnell social interaction was none existent, he did not play with other children or even his sister. Darnell preferred playing alone in a corner and had become fixated on one specific toy. When he would play, he focused primarily on one toy even though he had a toy chest filled with other toys. 2. Diagnosis Darnell showed early signs of unusual behaviors that were a cause for concern from his father had. At 18 months Darnell avoided making eye contact with both his parents coupled with not responding to his name when he was called. Darnell’s father expressed his concerns to Darnell’s mother who did not agree with his concerns; she simply stated that Darnell would catch up along with other children his age. As a result of the couples split Darnell was not given full attention in the matter of his disability, until his father took the initiative to seek help. Darnell’s father sought further assistance by having Darnell evaluated by a specialist in learning disabilities such as a developmental pediatrician. This doctor concluded that Darnell had indeed been autistic and ordered for a diagnostic evaluation. This evaluation

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