Analysis Of A Dream Deferred

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America is a place that gives many individuals the opportunity to achieve success and fulfill their dreams, but it comes at the price of working hard, applying faith, and remaining determined without giving up, and living the American Dream. A dream is a very precious asset that everyone possesses in some way shape or form. Dreams are the drive that pushes one forward to the next milestone, or to keep one going by providing the enthusiasm. While “Let America Be America Again”, and “A Dream Deferred” both by Langston Hughes talks about dreams in different ways, they both try to establish what happens when one's dream of freedom to experience the American dream gets crushed and when one's dream is postponed and eventually crushed. First, the overarching theme of freedom and equality is similar in both text although “A Dream Deferred” talks about the effects of delaying your dreams, and “Let America be America Again” talks about the dreams that were destroyed because of inequality. In “A Dream Deferred”, following the post World War II, the African American community was filled up with disappointment after their dreams were destroyed because of a lack of freedom and equality. Langston Hughes shows this inequality through his poem in the line that states: “ What happens to a dream deferred/ Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun/”(1-3). Langston uses this line to stress the theme that African Americans were expecting their dream of finally having rights but the
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