Analysis Of A Family Supper

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“A Family Supper” by Kazuo Ishiguro has an interesting twist on love and family, albeit grotesque to some, the literature is meaningful. The characters played a major role in how the family dynamics played against one another. The family home sets the reader up to understand the isolation the father felt. The conflicts the characters experience have shaped them into the people they are presently. The lack of an ending also plays a major role in the way love and family is portrayed by the author and will conclude how love and family relate to this piece of literature.
The characters in this story are all within the same family. The narrator’s mother died, at an earlier time, due to eating poisonous fish. He had a brother, sister, and father who play major roles in the family dynamic. The narrator and sister are both young and not traditional in a way their father is. For example, “'You were swayed by certain -influences. Like so many others.” (____) The father is expressing his distaste for the way the sons generation acts; however, their father, being older, is a very traditional person compared to the children. The narrator feels uncomfortable around his father due to how uptight he is; furthermore, the narrator does not know how to hold a meaningful conversation with his father due to negative childhood memories as well as the failure of his business. The failure lead to the Watanabe family’s death, his business partner committed a murder-suicide. These differences create

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