The God Of Small Things Analysis

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The God of Small Things can be defined to have featured numerous themes and styles that allow authors to communicate with audiences effectively. It entails a story of a family that loves in Ayemenem, a town in Kerala India. This paper seeks to offer a detailed analysis of the above story in term of themes, styles, characters, and other elements that are featured by the authors. Some of the significant characters that are featured in the story include Sophie, Rahel, Ammu, and Cochin among other individuals (Arundhati, 15). The opening of the story begins with the return of Rahel to Ayemenem. Other significant scenes include the burial of Sophie and the case where the family members are reluctant to acknowledge Ammu and the twins. It is worth to note that during the time burial, Rahel had the view that Sophie was alive. Nonetheless, the events that unfold throughout the story can be defined as being based on the need to explain some themes. One of the themes relates to the position of the family. The author uses different concepts to develop Ammu at the beginning, in the middle, as well as at the end of the story. Some of the relationships that were explored by the author include the connections between brother and sister, grandparent and grandchild, and mother and child among other groups. In the story “The God of Small Things," the term family can be defined as persons that an individual cares about. The obligations of the family members appear to be influenced by the bold ties. Despite the disputes among some family members, the blood ties obligate them to express care and love towards one another. Just like in real life situations, the novel explains that family relations can be frustrating, complicated, and confusing. In most cases, it is apparent that most individuals are forced by the family ties to stick together. The failure to express care towards one another is seen as one of the factors that prompt families to fall apart. Another theme that is developed by the author relates to class and society. It is worth noting that the theme is painted as having significant impacts on family members. The characters in the article “The God of Small Things” are in most cases seen to come against the forces of
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