Analysis Of A Long Way Gone

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In 1991, a gruesome and terrible war broke out in Sierra Leone that ended up killing 50,000 harmless people (Shah). Ishmael Beah, a ten-year-old Sierra Leonean, found himself running from the horrific war while watching everything around him fall apart. While he was trying to seek protection, he was forced to fight in the government army as a child. Beah was exposed to hard drugs, murderous actions, and a new way of life. This is where Ishmael Beah lost the gift of childhood innocence and fell into the grisly ways of a murderer at a very early age. After years of violently fighting against the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) came to the army camp and brought Ishmael back to safety at the Benin Home. In the memoir, A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah transitions from a child soldier to a civilized person because of the nurse, Esther, and moving in with Uncle Tommy. The help of Esther, the nurse, was instrumental in Ishmael’s transition from a violent child soldier to a civilized person because she never gave up on him, and she encouraged him to share his stories. When Beah returned to the Benin Home, he had no influential adults in his life, and he couldn’t let himself trust people because his lieutenant gave him away to the UNICEF. At the Benin Home, Ishmael kept getting in violent episodes of hurting himself and ended up at the nurse’s office multiple times. Esther was the kind nurse that treated Ishmael constantly in his state of

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