A Long Way Gone : Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier By Ishmael Beah

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I have read about 7 books this past year.
Over the summer, I have been reading weekly and sometimes a day to day basis.
The book I chose to read for my summer reading assignment was A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. By judging this book by its title, I knew it was going to be a nonfiction piece focusing on one person’s experience on this gruesome topic. I expected this novel to graphic and eye opening about the life of a child soldier.
Major Characters
Ishmael Beah: The author and narrator of this novel shares his experience when he was a child soldier for Sierra Leone Armed Services during the civil war. Before the war, he spent most of his time with his friends, rapping along with his cassette tapes, enjoying …show more content…

He shares his story with the world.
Lieutenant Jabati: He is the head of the Sierra Leonean Armed Services and trained the boy soldiers, including Ishmael, during the war. The Lieutenant and Ishmael had a personal connection and Ishmael saw him close to being father figure. The Lieutenant was the one who sent Ishmael with UNICEF to the rehabilitation center.
Esther: She was the nurse at the Benin House who formed a friendship with Ishmael during the time he was there. Esther was loving and determined to earn Ishmael’s trust. Esther helped Ishmael open up about his past and reminded him that it was never his fault.
Uncle Tommy: He was the brother of Ishmael’s father. Ishmael first saw Uncle Tommy when he visited him at the Benin House and continued to visit him every week after that. Him and Ishmael shared long walks together and got to know each other. Ishmael often described Uncle Tommy’s kind eyes and his contagious laugh. He was generous and loving man who took in Ishmael and other children without families.
Minor Characters:
Junior Beah: He was Ishmael’s older brother. Ishmael never saw him again after they were separated when they were trying to escape from the rebels.
Mohamed: He was Ishmael’s brother’s best friend. They were also separated during their time running, but then they were reunited at the rehab center. They later lived with Uncle Tommy in Freetown and referred to each other as brothers.
Leslie: He

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