Analysis Of A Long Way Gone

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The life we go through is wild, the world we live in is dangerous. Everyone around us goes through everyday struggle. We all live the same lives but with different backgrounds. Every little kid dreams of a way out, but most are stuck in a realm of pain in which they may never leave...but everyone has dreams. Everyone has a strong heart. There is evil in this world, there is also good. Whatever line you stand on, is completely up to you. First, we start with, “Eyes of a Dreamer.” We all want a future. Be famous, be a celebrity, be an athlete, an artist, anything. We believe we can achieve something greater. Our eyes tell stories that only few understand. But we all have stories to tell. We seek beyond our natural heights and see a great beyond that outsiders cannot fathom. In the memoir, A Long Way Gone, Ishmael always seeks a great beyond. Through war and hardships, he believes that there is still hope for a better life. He has seen hell and stared death in its face and has haunting images that cloud his mind yet he wants to live in a world that he can be free and be safe. Have the security and care that he's so desperately been searching for for his entire life. Once life became simple in America, through his eyes and words, he told a story that very few understand. As he's heard from others that tell him they understand, he tells them, “they can't understand something they have never been faced with.” We as individuals only “imagine” the pain someone may feel or the

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