Analysis Of ' A Mother 's Reckoning '

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Paige Collins Mrs.Rogers English 12 Per.03 February 27, 2017 Senior Research Paper School shootings have become most common in the United States with having over 70 shootings since the Columbine Massacre on April 20, 1999. America is the only country that has a lead in the shooting epidemic, and many have questions such as, ‘what are the warning signs of a school shooter or mass murderer?’ As well as wondering if the person could get mental health early in life to prevent anything in the future. Another thing people wonder especially with Dylan Klebold 's mother who wrote the book ‘ A Mother’s Reckoning:Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy’ In the book Sue Klebold talks about how many asked her how she could not know. She then later …show more content…

The public school system in the United States is very careless of the students because most of the time there are over 2000 kids enrolled in a single public high school. Teachers and school officials don’t look for signs in every individual student because there are usually too many students and a lot of them get forgotten if they don’t make themselves public by being active on school sports teams, getting involved in school activities, or being on the honor roll and prepared to go to a university after high school. A man by the name of Peter Langman; a psychologist who has been studying the behavior of school shooters for years now has collected many journals, suicide and homicide notes written by school shooters in the past on his website “School Shooters. Info”. A lot of the writings have things in common. Some talk about being bullied or picked on at school and how their lives at home are. Others plan out their attacks then later discuss how their attack went in letters to publishers. Almost all of them have a plan for how they are going to attack and who they plan to murder. Others just write out their feelings or how their life is going. Reading through some of the journals it is obvious that these kids are mentally disturbed. The journals themselves are warning signs of a murderer and should have been addressed by the parents. “Our mental health system has broken down and become a

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