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A Room With a View by E.M. Forster is a classic tale about a girl from Elizabethan era England trying to find independence and purpose in the world. Lucy, the novel’s main character, embarks on a journey to Florence, Italy with her cousin during which her whole perspective is refreshed. She experiences many new things and shares exciting times with people she knows and meets, and feels like a new person from it. But, when she arrives back home in England, she begins to feel the enclosure of society back on her again. Florence is a place where she can be herself, and her home on Summer Street in England is a place where she feels the full force of class restriction. Lucy arrived in Florence without much of an expectation. All she knew is that she wanted to experience things like she never had before. Her cousin and chaperone for the trip, Miss Bartlett, insisted on protecting her so she wouldn’t upset Lucy’s mother. Lucy, however, wanted to feel the winds of independence roll over her, and convinced her cousin to loosen the reigns on her a bit. After an incident in which Lucy had her guidebook stolen from her, she was left alone on the streets of Florence, with nothing but herself standing in her way. Florence was described as “a magic city where people thought and did the most extraordinary things” that has “the power, perhaps, to evoke passions, good and bad, and bring them speedily to a fulfillment” (Page 55). Lucy began to feel this “magic” of Florence in full force, especially as she became involved with George Emerson, a young man she had met there. George was of particular interest to Lucy, as he was “trustworthy, intelligent, and even kind” (Page 44). She shared her first kiss with him, albeit somewhat surprisingly, and even more surprisingly, witnessed a murder in the streets. Things like this could have never happened for Lucy in her hometown. The excitement, the passion, the freedom, all are things she longed for living in protection. All of this came to a screeching halt for Lucy, however, when it was time to return home to England. After a few months elsewhere in Italy, Lucy returned home with a man named Cecil she had met and was now engaged to marry. To her dismay, she saw very quickly what

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