Analysis Of A Room With A View

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In the novel A Room with a View there are two main settings that not only contrast in location but also in atmosphere. The author, E.M. Forster uses Florence, Italy and Summer Street, England to exaggerate the differences in the main character’s state of mind influenced by the people and places around her. The restricting culture of early 1900 Europe in which the story takes place also plays a role in the varying settings as the author strives to convey his purpose.

The story begins in a hotel placed in Italy where a “muddle” takes place over the switching of rooms for a view. In these first few pages the main character describes Mr. Emerson the man who had offered his room as having some childness aspect but “not the childishness of senility” (pg 4). The author in my eyes is trying to draw a connection to the character and his reformist views and tie childness into Mr.Emerson as his matching views are new and young. The two characters introduced hold a large role in being the authors symbols of the peaking liberal social class mostly relevant in Italy unlike the sober aged ideals displayed in Windy Corner, Lucy’s childhood home in England. Another display of this conflicting culturalism is shown by the support of Lucy, Charlotte, and others in Mrs. Lavish, who was a struggling italian author in pursuit of writing a new novel paralleled with Mrs.Honeychurch’s outburst over the misuse of a woman's time and place when hearing about the female writer. Mrs. Honeychurch

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