Analysis Of ' A Separate Peace '

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Devon had many incidents that occurred during the summer session and the regular school year. “Peace had deserted Devon” (Knowles pg.72). A tree, showing symbolism, has a big part in the story, A Separate Peace. The events happening during the summer session and regular school session, hinted foreshadowing, for later events to come. In Devon’s school, multifariously terminus students have a distinct story and oblique events tremble throughout the school. The students attending Devon have been through many different life changing events, that have also impacted their lives along, which caused them to think differently about the outcomes that have occurred. Some important characters in A Separate Peace are Gene and Leper. Gene Forrester and Elwin “Leper” Lepellier play a big role in the story. Gene is very smart and academically motivated. “I’ll have to pass to graduate for one thing” (Knowles pg. 51). Even though Finny did not let Gene study all the time, Gene still maintained decent grades. The other important character is Leper. He enlisted in the Army and joined before the school year ended. Leper was discharged from the Army because they thought he was crazy. “A Section Eight discharge is for the nuts in the service, the psychos, the Funny Farm candidates” (Knowles pg.144) “He changed into a woman, I was looking at him as close as I’m looking at you and his face turned into a woman’s face and I started to yell for everybody, I began to yell so that everyone would see…
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