Analysis Of Abigail Williams In The Crucible

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In “The Crucible” the story has taught us about how great and powerful fear can easily take over one another and show how people turn against one another just to protect themselves. One of the characters in the story has shown a great example of this and you can see the great evil that is inside of this person who just lets good innocent people die to protect themselves. Cruel and selfish is what you think or maybe it is the other way around for you. Maybe you think you got to do whatever you got to do to keep going in this puzzle of life. Yes that is true but in this story a girl named Abigail Williams deserves to take all the blame that needs to be taken for all of what has been done in the little town of Salem. For starters, Abigail …show more content…

Escaping your problems will still do no good as they somehow always come back to you. Abigail does this in Act Four where her uncle, Reverend Parris, goes to the court to tell Danforth his devastating news. He begins telling Danforth that Abigail has vanished from Salem and that all his money has been stolen. Thirty one pound in his strong box was all gone but you should have an idea on who stole it. Abigail ends up stealing from her own uncle and boards a ship to escape from all the madness in Salem that she has caused. Reverend Parris states this on page 126 saying “My niece, sir, my niece. I believe she has vanished.” Also he states on the same page about his money saying “ Thirty one pound is gone. I am penniless.” Finally he also states about how is daughter heard Abigail saying that she was going to board a ship saying “I think they aboard a ship. My daughter tells me how she heard them speaking of ships last week,..” Abigail has clearly broken into her uncle's house and took off to protect herself. This still doesn’t solve Salem’s problems but hers. Her last piece of evidence that shows why Abigail should take all the blame is what she is. She has so many different personalities and characters that doesn’t show the real person she

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