Analysis Of Acquainted With The Night By Robert Frost

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While some may say Frost was a tad unoriginal, Robert Frost incorporated an abundance of distinctive sound and theme in his poetry to express his thoughts and feelings more successfully. In “Acquainted with the Night,” Frost uses a unique structure and rhythm to create a distinguishable sound to his writing. He then uses an idiosyncratic theme to pull readers in. “Acquainted with the Night,” exudes a moral that teaches the audience a lesson, through an advancement of delight to wisdom. The poem then ends with a clarification of life which Frost describes in “The Figure a Poem Makes,” as “a momentary stay against confusion.”
Robert Frost was an accredited school teacher and news reporter, and his father was a journalist. Since his father was a journalist, he was likely associated with English from a very early age. This early association could have ignited a love of poetry. He graduated high school as co-valedictorian with his wife, Elinor Frost. Frost served as an English grammar school teacher later in his life, after attending both Harvard University and Dartmouth College. This teaching position could have stemmed from his desire to be a poet, or vice versa—being a poet could have stemmed from his experience as an English instructor. Frost’s time spent as a teacher definitely aided him with communication skills, as being a teacher requires communication between students, parents, fellow teachers, as well as with management.
While teaching English, Frost likely
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