Analysis Of Adequate The Word 'Power' By Audrey Hunt

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In my opinion, I agree with the title that Audrey Hunt gave to her story. According to me, DELETE the word "power” has a connotation of duality: bad and good. Of course, it as also an impact on yourself. In this text, I could feel the "power” that has the words on Edward, his teacher and in general, on people. When Edward express himself, he destroyed his own personality with words. For example, he said that he is " a no-good-for-anything person”, that he has "no place on this earth”. Those words, were the result of the verbals injuries that he get from his brother. There is a reason why bad words can be seen as a delict. A man can kill with a gun but also with his words. Edward decided to make a suicide because of that. However, in the same

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