Weber 's Theory Of Power And Power Essay

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Weber believed that power occurred due to the presence of bureaucracy and on the other hand Foucault believed that power was present in every aspect of life. These two theorists evaluate power and dominance in different ways (Roth and Wittich, 1968). Both of them had different perspectives in looking at these aspects. This essay will evaluate the powers of both managers and workers and will also explain role of managers and elaborate on the roles of employees. Comparing the theories of Weber and Foucault would do the evaluation. For weber power is determined as something that when imposed, then a person has to follow it. For Weber domination is the probability that persons will obey commands. Weber mentioned power as being ‘ sociologically amorphous’. (Roth and Wittich, 1968) The probability of a command being accepted mainly relates to the surroundings of domination. An example of this is that, a supervisor could expect his colleague to obey his sayings but when they meet outside the business then the supervisor is unlikely to have such an expectation (Watson, 2003). Weber states that organizations regulations are formed by few people and this people are the boss, administration employee who tends to have representation powers (Roth and Wittich, 1968). Weber states that the state tends to use bureaucracy on its people in order to establish authority. Bureaucracy is present in various areas in the environment and once bureaucracy is produced then it becomes difficult to

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