Analysis Of Aldous Huxley 's ' Brave New World '

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Introductory Paragraph
Question: In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, protagonists are created to meet the needs and expectations of the World State. Despite this, there are individuals who are not compliant nor fit the demands of the state. As a result, the “outsider” level can be applies to more than one character in the novel. Prove that this statement is true

General Statement: In society, an outsider is a person who doesn’t belong to any particular group.

Attention Getter: In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, there are a few characters who do not follow by the rules of the World State and are labelled as outsiders.

Answer Sentence: In the novel there are protagonists that are considered outsiders such John, Bernard, and Linda.
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Supporting Detail 2: Bernard is smaller in comparison to other Alpha’s he fails to fit in with them and his appearance makes him insecure. “ Bernard’s physique was hardly better than that of the average Gamma. He stood eight centimetres short of the standard Alpha height and was slender in proportion. Contact with members of the lower castes always reminded him painfully of his physical inadequacy.” (Huxley, 60)

Supporting Detail 3: Bernard does not view the World State as a perfect society, he found everything that was done was odd and negative which is not normal for an Alpha.

Body Paragraph 3
Main Idea 3: Linda is captured into the same problems as her son John, as she is rejected by both societies for her past life.

Supporting Detail 1: Linda has an illicit son and give birth to him natural. She was ashamed to return to World State with a child so she ends up staying back.

Supporting Detail 2: Due to her life in the Savage Reservation, Linda has aged, something that is uncommon for the World State, people are disgusted by her.We keep their internal secretions artificially balanced at a youthful equilibrium. We don 't permit their magnesium-calcium ratio to fall below what it was at thirty. We give them transfusion of young blood. We keep their metabolism permanently stimulated. So, of course, they don 't look like that. Partly," he
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