Analysis Of Alexander Hamilton : The Musical

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Trying to rise up and make something with his life Alexander Hamilton, in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s stunning performance, Hamilton: The Musical, writes his way out of many bad situations and started out with absolutely nothing but was able to rise up and help shape the way America is today. Hamilton impacted many people in good ways and also in bad ways, one of those people was a man named Aaron Burr. The two of them knew each other for a very long time, and they didn't get along at all they were complete opposites throughout their life times. This constant rivalry soon lead to Hamilton’s death. They had a duel and Hamilton shot in the air signaling that he didn’t want to resort to killing while Burr had shot Hamilton in between the ribs. …show more content…

Hamilton becomes the treasury, and he helps write out how the new form of government is going to work. While all of that is happening Burr realizes that he wants to help be in the room and shape America with them, but Hamilton is always one step ahead of him and stopping him in his tracks. Nearing the end of Hamilton’s life is where you can completely tell that there is hatred between the two, in “Election of 1800” Burr is running for president against Jefferson. The only problem was that when the votes came in it was a tie, the tie breaker vote came down to Hamilton. At first Hamilton wanted nothing to do with it because he was grieving after the death of his son Philip. In the end Hamilton had voted for Jefferson and this sent Burr into a rage, Burr then confronted Hamilton saying that he only chose Jefferson to keep him out of office. Hamilton admits that he doesn’t like Burr and bad mouths him a lot but insists that Burr was a man that had no honor. This event lead to the duel between Hamilton and Burr. We find out that Hamilton didn’t shoot Burr but instead fire into the air, whereas Burr shot Hamilton which ultimately killed him. Hamilton, the bastard, orphaned, son of a whore was able to rise up out of nothing in the Caribbean and shaped the way America is today. Lin-Manuel Miranda did a spectacular interpretation on Hamilton’s story. Hamilton: The Musical was so well done that you

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