Analysis Of ' Amaryllis ' By Carrie Vaughn And Jordon 's Water Hammer '

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Thesis statement: An analysis of the key literary elements in “Amaryllis” by Carrie Vaughn and “Jordon’s Water hammer” by Joe Mastroianni clearly illustrates the main characteristics and classification of the dystopian genre.
 Brief background about dystopia genre
 Short stories discussed- “ Amaryllis” by Carrie Vaughn and “Jordon’s Waterhammer” by Joe Mastroianni
 Brief summary of the two short stories
 Essay covers setting, plot development and character development. It analyses the dystopian genre
 Both short stories retrieved from “Brave New worlds” by John Joseph Adams. (Dystopian shot story collection).
Most stories set in the dystopian genre follow a similar guideline.
 Set in a society worse than the readers
Amaryllis: a futuristic world where human population is spinning out to control.
Jordon’s Waterhammer: set in an over controlled underground mining community made up of only males.

 A figurehead or concept is worshipped by the citizens.
Amaryllis: the concept that population control will solve all their problem, even though this may cause more problems for future generations as there won’t be many people left because women are very rarely allowed to become pregnant.
Jordon’s Waterhammer: The concept that men are only tool sand nothing else. That the purpose of living is to mine ore.

 Citizens are perceived to be under constant surveillance
Amaryllis: families are constants inspected to maintain population control.

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