Analysis Of Andy Warhol´s The Factory: The American Pop Culture

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There are numerous ways to describe American. American can be defined by being born in America or in an U.S. territory. It can even be the status of living the “American dream” with a white picket fence, a golden retriever named buddy and two kids waiting for you when you get home from work. While I have a lot of negative feelings and definitions associated with American, I’m going to choose to align this with a more idealistic orientation. Long ago, but not too long ago, the term melting pot was synonymous with American. People from other countries had dreams of getting to the States and worked hard to try and make it. There are more opportunities here, people are more accepting of each other and the diversity-oh the diversity! E pluribus …show more content…

You cannot speak of American Fine Art history and not speak of Andy Warhol. He opened the studio space of The Factory so he could continue to create his iconic paintings and to create sculptures, films and many other art forms. The Factory had three different homes from 1962-1984 and each studio welcomed a slew of different people; unknown, famous, and infamous (The Factory). It was here each artistic project had many minds contributing to one idea, a melting pot of concepts. This was a space that Bob Dylan, Betsey Johnson, Lou Reed, and Edie Sedgwick frequented to visit and to create. It was a place for artistic types and people who were known as the Warhol superstars, Edie being one of them (The Factory). Salvidor Dali, another famous artist of that time, also frequented The Factory (Gilmore). Dali’s ex-girlfriend, Ultra Violet, became instantly attracted to the studio and she was known as one of Andy’s superstars (The Factory). There were people of all different backgrounds creating films, having photoshoots, and assisting the mass producing of Andy’s painting using silk screens. The Factory not only produced all kinds of experimental art, it was also a breeding ground for music. The Velvet Underground, an iconic

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