Analysis Of Anne Bradstreet The Progue

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Tina Hill Dr. E. Stone Meredith English 2211 September 23, 2017 Question 1: Anne Bradstreet’s “The Progue” Anne Bradstreet's 'The Prologue' refers to a symbolic expression of all the struggles faced by humans, in order, to deal with the change and innovation. The world is under the constant flux of changes and the author believes that the uncertainty and challenges of a new world frequently overpower people and thus puts them in a situation of moving ahead or backward (Bradstreet 3). Likewise, the poet had also experienced those hardships and uncertainties when she moved into public writing. This poem evidently reflects her emotional feelings. The poem is also considered Anne's personal account regarding her role as a female poet in a manly dominated Puritan society, and although the tone of the poem seems optimistic, Anne is critical of those who limit the roles of females. In her poem, Anne is speaking against the viewpoints of Puritans regarding females and the roles they play in society. At that time, females were considered as second-class citizens. They had no public impact; the only moment they can speak in public was to read the scriptures in Cathedral. In her lines (mentioned in the question), she has ignored the pessimistic and disrespectful comments she heard from males regarding her creativity in the literature. Considering all the unfavorable situations, she became the first female poet in the history of America (Bradstreet 3). Her ideas, in the meantime,

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