Analysis Of Anthem By Ayn Rand

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In this paper, I will be talking about the book called Anthem by Ayn Rand. I will be talking about characters such as protagonists and antagonists and how some characters impacted the story. I will talk about the setting, conflicts, and the plot of the story. I will also talk about literary devices such as point of view, symbolism, mood, tone, and theme.
In Anthem, there are a couple of characters and some are only mentioned and some only have a few lines of dialogue. The protagonist of Anthem is Equality 7-2521 or Prometheus and the antagonists are the Council of Scholars. The council of scholars would be the antagonists because they told the society, how to think and that made Prometheus think that he had a curse and was committing a
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The Protagonist, Equality 7-2521 or Prometheus, is not like the other children in his generation and starts thinking and doing things more selfishly such as pick men among other men that he thinks as friends, noticing one female than all the females and talking to that female when he is supposed to be working, and preferring to have one specific job rather than not giving it much thought to the type of job he gets to work and just do the job he was assigned which are considered crimes. Prometheus accepted to work as a street sweeper to atone for his sins and later finds a tunnel where he experimented and made discoveries that the Council of Scholars hasn 't been able to discover and he believes that the Council of Scholars would accept him as one of them if he demonstrated one of his discoveries which was a light bulb. The climax is when Prometheus demonstrates the light bulb to the Scholars and they respond by scolding him and saying that since not all men believe in his discovery that it is worthless and must be destroyed. After calling the Council of Scholars fools, Prometheus jumps out the window with the light bulb and runs into the Uncharted forest and decides to stay because he knows no one is going to follow him into the forest. Åfter a day he realizes how good it feels to do things with his own hands and later meets the female that he spoke to and decides to take her with him to wherever he will go. They later find a house with things
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