Analysis Of The Novel 'Anthem' By Ayn Rand

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“Anthem” – one of writing authors Ayn Rand, shows her at her most vicious, hungry, and ambitious reading personality not only as a writer, but as a storyteller as well. The classic hit novel “Anthem” is the predecessor to Ayn Rands later books and storytelling works such as “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”, often tackles controversial themes that are still prevalent within modern America today, such as Family & Love. The grandeur novel “Anthem” is a reflection of such topics, all whilst being told with almost an aura of mystery within the novels plotline / storyline. “Anthem’s” take on things such as individuality and self discovery along with universal, self serving terms such as “I” & the word “We” are the key factors in helping differinciate this author Ayn Rand from other authors that write and compse the same genre of literature as Ayn Rand. Anyways, please allow for me to introduce you to the under the surface, deeper themes expressed in the classic debut novel, Ayn Rands “Anthem” Ayn Rands take on Personal and inner self are truly amazing, especially the ideologies that she applies to her dystopian society, wiring the books plotline, such as giving multiple people within the dysopian society the same name to prevent the awakening individuality that rises and resides within us. “Anthems” take on topics like family are both incredibly complex but also very nimble & minimalistic. Their take on family goes a little something like this: Being given the experience

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