Analysis Of Beds Are Burning

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Beds Are Burning, is an Australian rock anthem with a powerful message regarding Aboriginal land rights. Originally written and performed by Midnight Oil in 1987, from their album Diesel and Dust, the song’s target audience was every Australian with a conscience and to educate, protest, openly discuss and raise awareness about the removal of the Australian Aboriginal people from their rightful home in the desert. Beds Are Burning, has stood the test of time and made its impact on the conscientious global music scene, with its message being applicable to and resonating with displaced people worldwide, this anthem has retained its relevance and popularity to this day. Midnight Oil created and produced their song Beds Are Burning, with the purpose of protesting the removal of the Pintupi Australian Aboriginal people from their home in the Western Desert to the Northern Territory. Through out the 1940s and 1950s the Australian Governments need to relocate the Pintupi people from their remote and isolated home in the western desert became an urgent priority, due to the testing of the Blue Streak (ballistic) Missile. The isolation of the western desert provided the ideal location to carry out such testing, with the only obstacle being the rightful inhabitants of the land residing there. The vast trajectory of the Blue Streak Missile meant that the missile would detonate in inhabited Aboriginal land, instead of choosing an alternative location to test the weaponry, the

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