Analysis Of Blackburn 's Schematic Diagram The More Than ' Factor Enters Into Thinking Process At The Evaluator

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According to Blackburn’s schematic diagram the “more than” factor enters into thinking process at the evaluator. This is when the mind processes the next action as potentially ethical or moral. According to Blackburn the mind and body are separate from each other but act together as one. The mind is split up into function parts named the scanner, idea producer, evaluator, and decision producer. Real world objects once perceived by the mind go through each part of the mind. The decision producer is where the ‘more than’ factor takes place. The evaluator leads to the decision producer which leads to a plan of action and a predictable result. The ‘more than’ is factual and empirical data in the thinking process towards making moral decisions. “Now suppose a decision is the upshot these modules functioning. Suppose it is one of your decisions, and these parts function to produce it in the way that they normally do. If we call these modules, ‘decision’ modules, and if these modules are engaged in producing the output, then we can say that you chose the output” (Think, 92). We do certain acts in the real world and we begin in the real world and end in the real world. The decision producer produces the decision based on what ever happened in the evaluator. The evaluator can develop two different scenarios one can be moral while the other is immoral and the decision producer decides to choose the more ethical option.
Blackburn is very serious about ethics. Throughout Think he

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