Analysis Of Boyz N The Hood

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Some challenges between anti-social behaviors and geographic are evident in the film Boyz n the Hood. It a 90’s films created by John Singleton, about a boy Tre styles who is sent to live with his father Furious styles in South Central Los Angeles after he got into a fight at school. At his father 's house, he is taught morals and values of being a respected man. On the other hand, his friends Ricky and Doughboy who are half-brothers has a different upbringing with no real support system, resulting in forming a gang, involvement with drugs and a tragic ending. This film is based on the African American experience in terms of environmental conditions which results in a great deal of African American males being pushed into the criminal justice system.
Shaw and McKay noticed four factors that hindered the proper organization of community: residential mobility, family disruption economic status and ethnic heterogeneity. However, Sampson and Groves developed their three ways to measure the level of social organization: the ability for the community to control teenage peer groups, the presence of local friendship networks, and the amount of participation in formal or salutary organizations (Sampson and Groves, 1989). These characteristics are apparent in Boyz n the Hood, for the community was ineffective in controlling teenage peer groups. Although there was a strong local bond in friendship, there was no authority managing juvenile delinquency; which supports Shaw and

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